Macaron Flavors

Rose Petal

A crunchy attack, then creamy, with the sweet and soft smell of the rose. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya

Orange Blossom

The delicate perfume of the orange blossom, in a sweet flavor macaron. Unctuous!

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya


Salted Caramel

A gourmand macaron. A smooth salted caramel. Its sweet flavour and distinguished perfume make of this macaron the world’s bestseller.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



A classic, with the sweet taste of the raspberry jam. Its texture is soft and its perfume is light and fruity. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



The Eastern delicacy of the pistachio, in a sweet macaron. Its texture is creamy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almond, pistachio)


Strawberry Candy Marshmallow

Two shells of almond macaron garnished with marshmallow scented with strawberry candy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds), fish gelatin 



A macaron garnished with a cream made with an infusion of 100% Arabica coffee. The natural coffee flavour, grilled and aromatic notes.

ALLERGENS: Soya, egg, milk, nut (almond)



The delicate and exotic perfume of the vanilla of Madagascar, for a macaron in a sweet flavour. Its texture is creamy.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya

Cassis Violette Solo BD -1.png

Blackcurrant Violet

Two delicate macaron shells garnished with a blackcurrant jam perfumed with violet naturel essence. 

Franc fruit notes, light acidity and delicate floral notes. 

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds)


Two macaron shells and a creamy filling made with whole crushed lemon (zest, zist, flesh, juice). A natural and clear taste of lemon, sourness and a touch of bitterness.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soya


Marie Antoinette

Two light blue macaron shells filled with a smooth cream infused with Marie-Antoinette tea. 

An original Ladurée creation; and reflection of our Marie-Antoinette tea : 

marriage of black tea from China and India, with hints of rose petals, citrus, and honey. 

ALLERGENS: Soya, egg, milk, nuts (almond)



A 70% cacao, sweetened by the crémeux of the ganache and the almond powder, which preserves its intense flavor.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds), soja


Seasonal Macaron Flavors


Beurre Cacahuete

Two shells of almond macarons garnished with a creamy peanut butter filling.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds & peanuts)


Cherry Blossom

A sweet and subtle flowered flavor in a creamy white ganache.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts (almonds)



Two macaron shells garnished with candied Pineapple.

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds), fish gelatin



The sunny and exotic sweetness of the coconut.

ALLERGENS: Egg, milk, nuts


Caramel Banana

Two macaron shells generously filled with a caramel and banana ganache.

ALLERGENS: Nuts (almonds)

Strawberry Vanilla

Two macaron shells with madagascar vanilla and strawberry ganache, garnished with sugar atop.

ALLERGENS: Egg, nuts (almonds), milk, soy